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Marsha Olivia Meadows
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New Release -BAR B Q

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Bartholomew Bradly Quash lives in a small country town where football, hunting and fishing are the main past times enjoyed and discussed by all. Families are close knit and friends are friends for life. People seldom move away from Crownsville. As a young boy with the photogenic mind of a genius he is advanced extra grade levels and placed into high school. Being of a much younger age and a good head taller than most students he becomes the center of teasing and ridicule from an athletic football jockey and his group of followers causing him to become a lone soul.  Bartholomew has mastered outstanding hunting skills due to the teachings of his father and finds solace in the wooded area of his parent’s property. Nightmarish dreams haunt his nights. A voice speaks to him telling how a neighbour’s pet goes missing and suggests other most horrific deeds that Karma may perhaps preform due diligence on those who ridicule the lad.
Could a paranormal entity perhaps take over one’s mind? Could it control a person to the point that unspeakable happenings are the doing of a boy as young as Bartholomew? Why does he not remember parts of his day? Is there such a thing as a paranormal entity?
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