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Marsha Olivia Meadows
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Jessica's Perception

Jessica Trilogy
Jessica's Perception was released in August of 2013.

‘Jessica’s Perception’ tells the tale of a young girl growing through her teens creating her own personal protection. She has many hardships to grow through and no one to really talk to about the way much of life causes pains and often traumas for her. In an era where children were seen and not heard, her protective mechanism is most depended upon. Her life was infiltrated with unkind people and those who held themselves aloof from young Jessica and her family being they were the somewhat poor country folk.

At times Jessica finds small ways of ‘getting back’ at some of the unkindness and other times she regresses into her own self just to make the day. Maybe some of the actions that befell her were not meant to be perceived that way but yet maybe she is right in her judgement of the pain she feels due to the beguiling ways of those about her.

Will she be able to protect herself with the shroud she creates? Will she remain a kind person or perhaps grow to be a sorceress herself?

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