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Marsha Olivia Meadows
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Jessica Awakens

Jessica Trilogy
Jessica's story began in the early 1950's a she grew through hardships of a small, country lifestyle.

Where often, the happenings caused the child to acquire her self-protection of an imaginary shroud. She kept it tightly wrapped about her person warding off the unkind words and happenings about her. She hid behind her long locks of hair so that she may pass by unseen. The cloak of comfort guided her through an era of growth where she harboured childish, romantic ideals of a life she longed for.

From a child to a teenager and on into an adult life, with her Knight in Shining Armour, Jessica carried it with her. Would this knight guide Jessica in her thinking and perhaps care for her and about her?

As she advances in life will she come to learn that just maybe some of her childish perceptions had been wrongly received? Would she, at long last, find the family love and caring she felt to be lost to her? Could her dark shroud of comfort be shed for brighter rays of sunshine?

Only you my readers, will know.

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