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Marsha Olivia Meadows
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Dark Cold Ice

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Dark Cold Ice - Author Backstory on the Novel

This my fourth novel, was a story line my son had given to me. He had passed the original story line my way suggesting it might be something I would be interested in. He was so right. I enjoyed writing Dark Cold Ice.
    With the aid of my son’s policing knowledge and that of a fellow author’s insight of war planes and P.O.W. camp sites, I let my imagination run wild through cold winter storms, crossing the Canadian prairies to where young Jason Masoon experiences a tragedy that causes him to mysteriously fall silent. A series of events follow that put his life and that of many others in grave danger.
    When the Minnedosa RCMP become involved, they uncover a conspiracy housed deep within the folds of a Military organization. SHADE (Shielding Humanity Against Deadly Enemies) in fact contained a Black Ops entity with scruples of the unfavorable sort.
How a Lancaster FM12 came to settle into a coffin of frozen ice beneath the confines of Clear Lake, and where did the ‘Red Box’ settle remain two mysteries that only the readers of Dark Cold Ice shall unfold.

Released June 2017 -
Dark Cold Ice

Far out in the Canadian prairie provinces, a young boy and his parents are ice fishing when their auger stalls in the lake’s frozen surface. They are able get clear but suddenly realize things are much more frightening than they seem under the dark, cold lake…
    They quickly discover an airplane frozen under the water. The local law   enforcement gets involved, and the plane is unearthed. The family witnesses the bodies of the plane’s passengers, who had long since perished, a sight that causes young Jason to fall completely silent. Jason finds a red box in the debris from the crash and takes it home, burying it among his childhood treasures. And this is only the beginning.
   As the secrets behind the plane crash and its implications are revealed, you’ll delve deeper and deeper into this dark, twisted thriller from the mind of Marsha Olivia Meadows. And as you follow Jason, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and the military’s mysterious Shielding Humanity Against Deadly Enemies (SHADE) division, you’ll begin to piece together the haunting and classified truths behind Dark Cold Ice.

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